Purrheart Himalayans


We are a small cattery located in beautiful Salem, Oregon.  We specialize in dollfaced, longhaired Himalayans in a variety of color points - blue, seal, chocolate, cream, tortie, rare bi-colored and the hard to find flame. Our Himalayans are never caged or isolated.  They have free roam of our home and are raised as members of our family.  We strive to provide families with loving, social and well adjusted companion Himalayans. 

Himalayans can be hard to find and tend to sell very quickly.  If you are interested in adding a Himalayan kitten to your family, please contact us.

Himalayans are a relatively new breed that started in the 1950's by breeding a Persian (for the muscular, stocky body and silky coat) with a Siamese (for the color points and bright blue eyes).  They quickly became popular and were recognized in the 1980's as a separate breed. Himalayans are an intelligent, sweet tempered, gentle and easy going breed that possesses a playful side.  They especially love to play with balls and have been known to play fetch with their favorite human companions.  Their coats are long, thick, luxurious and can mat easily which requires daily grooming to keep their coats free of painful mats.

Himalayans are highly sought after due to their loyal, playful and affectionate personalities displayed towards their human companions. They do well in multi-pet households or as a single pet and do very well as indoor cat companions. They are an alert, quiet breed that enjoys watching their human companions and the going-ons in their homes. Himalayans adapt well to their new forever homes and are enjoyed by both young and old.  With their sweet and gentle dispositions, they do well as a first time pet for young children.

4 1//2 week old bicolored seal point male kittens from Keana.

2 week old kittens from Kara.

Some of our beautiful rare bicolored Himalayans.  We are very proud to be able to offer these extremely hard to find bicolors.

Two litters mingled together.  Our kittens and their moms like to co-mingle.  

Five 12 hour old kittens.

A mixture of two litters.  

Kara and a past litter.

Kara and a past litter.

Kasha with one of her past litters.

Kasha with her litter born July 8, 2013.

Kayla and her first litter.

Keana and her newborn babies.  Her first litter.
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